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Geographical position. France is located in the western part of Europe, belongs to the Western European states and takes the first place among the Western European countries in terms of…

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Peru is a distant South American country with a rich history, unique architecture and extraordinary natural diversity. She is the owner of one of the new seven wonders of the…

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From Forte dei Marmi to Saint-Tropez in One Day

The serene Tuscan landscapes, despite their splendor, sometimes begin to seem monotonous – at such moments you want to refresh your impressions of Italy a little, for which a short express trip along the Mediterranean coast is perfect. During such an exciting trip, I want to pay as much attention as possible to the beautiful landscapes of the Italian Riviera, relax, escape from the hustle and bustle and enjoy the views. For such trips, a transfer with a personal driver is well suited as a means of transportation – these services, for example, are provided by the application.

Forte dei Marmi
We start from the starting point of our route – the iconic Forte dei Marmi (translated as “fortress made of marble”). Forte is located on the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea, in the Tuscany region. In the last century, the resort town fell in love with Italian aristocrats, now this serene corner has been chosen by Russian businessmen. Wealthy tourists from all over the world are attracted not only by the endless sandy beaches of Forte, but also by the remains of that ancient fort, after which the city is named. If your express trip is scheduled for Sunday, you will also be able to purchase homemade cheeses, Italian wine, cashmere and unusual items for the home in a grandiose market in the city center. An affordable and hearty early breakfast is provided at Bagno Annetta Restaurant, which is famous for its super-thin pizza pizza and traditional seafood fritto mysto.

If you can see the houses in soft pastel colors, expensive yachts and shops of luxury brands, you are approaching Portofino. In a fishing town in the province of Genoa is one of the most beautiful ports in the Mediterranean. Portofino’s landscape is represented by cliffs overhanging directly above the snow-white beach, and numerous olive groves. After a glass of wine in the Winterose Wine Bar, we continue our tour of the mountainous landscape of Liguria, approaching the Principality of Monaco.

Monaco is the birthplace of the prestigious Formula 1 auto racing, which takes place right on the streets of the city. Here you can glance at Monte Carlo, the largest area of ​​Monaco, where the magnificent casino complex and exquisitely decorated opera house are located. On the route you will see a variety of architectural styles – from Baroque to the Renaissance, as well as several famous Michelin-starred restaurants and the famous Monte-Carlo casino. After a light snack and dessert in the form of ice cream at Cafe De Paris, without stopping, we fly towards Nice.

The pebble shores of the Bay of Angels greet all the guests of Nice with views of the Alpes-Maritimes. The old town still preserves the medieval spirit with its narrow labyrinths of winding streets, nestled by houses with red tiles, cozy cafes and shops. A wonderful contrast to the picturesque landscapes of Nice is created by modern boutiques, clubs, bars and hotels, where the atmosphere of fun and carefree reigns around the clock. If you want to enjoy the unique Mediterranean flora, head to the Mont Boron area, which is located on a hilly area near Old Nice, and a snack with very large portions and homemade lasagna can be enjoyed at La Favola Restaurant.

Between Nice and Cannes is a small, cozy town of Antibes. Here, typical Italian pebble beaches give way to sandy beaches, but most of all tourists are attracted by the old stone quarters, the ornate streets of the Old Town and craft atelier boutiques. After a promenade along well-groomed park oases, luxurious villas and Fortovaya embankment with a string of cozy restaurants, you should look into the yacht port, which is famous for the largest yachts on the Cote d’Azur, and take along the road fragrant buns from Boulangerie Veziano. But we do not linger – ahead of us is waiting for the world cinema capital – Cannes.

The red carpet of the Palais des Festivals, the luxury of pompous hotels and the Croisette are just a few of the attractions in Cannes, which also boast wonderful views of the bay from the hill of Suquet or from the Croix de Garde forest park. The Esterel mountain range, which came close to the Gulf of La Napoule, creates a special atmosphere in the city for the harmonious coexistence of nature and man. For dinner, we advise you to go to the best fish restaurant in Cannes La Brocherie, and immediately go further on the road.

Saint Tropez
Driving along the cobbled streets along the coast of the Pearl of the Cote d’Azur is the duty of any tourist. However, if you are tired of the rally, you can explore Saint-Tropez from an unusual angle – from the sea. Modern services allow you to book a yacht in any corner of the world with a couple of clicks: for example, in the application you can find a catalog of yachts and boats. Pine groves, fashionable clubs, picturesque paths and benches with fragrant herbs and Provencal spices – from a yacht this looks like a true opening day for all the most interesting things that the Cote d’Azur can offer tourists.

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