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Holidays in the Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands – an archipelago in the Pacific Ocean, 972 km west of Ecuador, consisting of 19 large and small islands. A large number of tourists the archipelago attracts with its abundance of flora and fauna. It was here that Darwin received the first impetus to create his famous theory of evolution.

Named after the species of water turtles living here, the Galapagos Islands are located in the east of the equatorial Pacific, almost 1000 km west of mainland Ecuador. An archipelago of volcanic origin (by the way, very recent by geological standards) consists of 13 large islands and 6 smaller islands, and let Wikipedia count the trifle. We are interested in its main tourist islands, all as one – with the caribbean-Spanish names that excite the traveler’s imagination: Isabela, Santa Cruz, Fernandina, San Salvador, Santa Maria and Hispaniola.

Isabela is the first largest in the entire archipelago. The main decoration of Isabela is the lagoon with an amazing variety of bird species: penguins, cormorants, frigates, flamingos and hawks; and ocean waters are full of killer whales and dolphins.

One of the most beautiful sights of the island is Urbina – a bay that is full of iguanas, penguins and large Galapagos turtles. A modest place on the island impresses with many species of animals in the impenetrable jungle. The highest point of all the islands is the Wolf Volcano, located here. Its crater is so large that it is one of the most gigantic in the whole world.

Santa Cruz is the second largest island of the archipelago, the most densely populated and modern. This is a real tourist paradise with developed infrastructure. The main thing on the island of Santa Cruz is the famous Dravin Institute, the main task of those working here is to control 10 species of land and sea turtles that live on the island. Small bays of this island amaze with their beauty, picturesque views, each of them is unique and unique in its own way.

Holidays in the Galapagos IslandsSanta Maria is the southern island of the Galapagos. The only thing that attracts the attention of tourists here is the huge crater of the long-extinct volcano Corona Devil. It is half immersed in the clear waters of the ocean. Its surroundings are a great place for diving. The killer whales and dolphins live near the coast. In the Gulf of Sharks, you can find both harmless corals and aggressive whale sharks. In the snow-white soft sand of the local beaches, sea turtles lay their eggs in winter and spring.

Hispaniola is another southern island. This is an amazing place, because only here the rarest wavy albatrosses live. Local beaches have long been populated by mockingbirds, fur seals, sea lions and iguanas.

Climate of the islands of the archipelago
Weather is easily determined by the nature of the wind and ocean currents. Two seasons are easily distinguished: dry (from summer to October) and rainy (end of winter – April). It is hotter here in winter and spring, the rest of the time it is a bit cooler.

When traveling, you need to take a hat, a cream that protects against burns and sunglasses. All this is useful because of the intense heat, and it is very easy to sunbathe.

Archipelago National Parks
The Galapagos Archipelago Park is considered the first in size in all of Ecuador. It is inhabited by unique animals that are not found at all or are extremely rare in other parts of the planet. These are boobies, local endemic turtles, some species of albatrosses, iguanas, and fodders.

But now, approximately 90% of the total area of ​​the islands is under state protection. As a result, vacationers must strictly observe all the rules of the park. Only marked trails are allowed. Vacationers cannot visit the territory without a local guide. You can not make noise, make bonfires and everything else that can scare animals. Entrance here, of course, is paid, and not the cheapest – about $ 100. You can pay the entry immediately upon arrival, and only in cash.

Isabela (Albemarle) – the largest island of the archipelago. It is decorated with many picturesque lagoons inhabited by flamingos, pelicans, frigates, hawks, great cormorants and penguins, and coastal waters abound with sharks, killer whales and other marine life.

Sightseeing: Urbina Bay – there are large multi-colored iguanas, penguins and the largest colony of giant turtles, the town of Punta Morena impresses with its diverse flora in the mangroves, Wolf Volcano – the highest point of the Galapagos Islands, Sierra Negra Volcano – one of the largest craters in world (diameter 10 km.)

Fernandina (Narborough) is the third largest island located in the westernmost part of the archipelago. Interesting places of the island are the volcano La Cumbre, Punta Espinosa (the largest colony of marine iguanas in the world, as well as pelicans and flightless cormorants), Urbin Bay is famous for its beautiful coral reef, and Elizabeth Bay serves as a habitat for penguins and pelicans.

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