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Tropical Holidays in Belize

The state of Belize is located in Central America, on the coast of the Caribbean Sea. Now Belize is the very heart of the so-called “ecological” tourism. This area has preserved many rare birds, animals and plants. On the territory of Belize, there are reserves and national parks and reserves to preserve the original nature of the local nature. People from all over the world come just to see these magnificent landscapes. This country is suitable for high-quality family vacations and for extreme lovers.

Belize is located in the tropics, the weather depends on the trade winds. The average temperature of the day is 26 degrees, and it practically does not depend on the season.

Wind trade wind blows from the north-east, so it always brings with it rainfall, dividing the year clearly into two seasons: “very rainy” and “dry.” In the very north of Belize, dry lasts all winter until April, and, for example, in the south – only in February-March.

The best time to come to Belize is January-May. Then the air temperature is optimal for humans. It is also important that there are no storms of hurricanes that can completely ruin your vacation.

The largest city in this country is not the capital, but Belize City. Taking a walk here, you can see pottery from the Mayan civilization in the local Museum of Belize. True, the museum is located in a place where there was once a prison, built in the XVII century. In another, the Zonal, there is an exposition showing all the beauties of coral reefs located very close. The Maritime Museum serves as a source of knowledge about sailors and navigation.

Diving fans love the Blue Hole National Park. Here is the famous Big Blue Hole famous around the globe. It is located very close to the local reef. For those who don’t know: The Blue Hole is a huge funnel filled with clean water.

In Belize, a very popular and famous butterfly breeding farm. About 80 species of butterflies of various sizes and colors are bred here. The cost of her visit is about $ 5.

Belize has a wide range of entertainment that can attract very young children and adults of any age.

Usually families with children go to the Belize Zoo. Here, birds and animals are collected not only from Belize itself, but also from many other, distant, including European, countries. There are about 850 species of animals, and this list is constantly updated. In the zoo you can walk and see everything yourself, but you can join the tour. More precisely, it is better to walk on your own during the day, and in the dark to get together on organized excursions. In the evening, the zoo is open only for the reason that most animals are mostly nocturnal. Entrance fee for an adult is $ 8, for children the cost is half that.

In this country, extreme people will find something for themselves, to their liking. You can spend time and walk through the almost impenetrable jungle, ride a horse, bike or ski throughout the reserve. In mid-February, surfers begin to come here, and until June, more and more amateurs and professionals in this business visit Belize. It is during this period that the wind is about 10 meters per second, which is perfect for water sports – windsurfing.

Belize is also famous for its coastal fishing. The entire “planet” come here to quietly hunt for quite large prey. Tuna, barracudas, groupers, marlin and other exotic fish are caught, and sometimes even small sharks are hooked.

Not so long ago, Belize officially authorized gambling. Therefore, the testers of their own luck come to this second Vegas. Literally on every street gambling establishments are built.

About 44% of the population of Belize are mestizos – these are descendants of the Mayans and Europeans, 30% of the country’s inhabitants are Creoles – descendants of English pirates and African slaves. Approximately 11% of the population are true Mayan Indians. In addition, in the territory of Belize, you can meet representatives of the unique nation of garinago, in which the skin has an “extremely black” color.

The official language of Belize is English, it provides training in schools and institutes. However, recent studies have shown that only 54% of the population is fluent in English. On the city streets you can hear Creole and Spanish, and in remote villages – and Indian dialects.

Most of the population professes Catholicism, Creoles are adherents of the Anglican Church or other areas of Protestantism.

Little Belize is considered an agrarian country. Until now, the basis of the economy of this state is the export of forest products, namely, red and campus wood, as well as Chicle resin, which is used to make chewing gum.

Today, Belize is of great interest to lovers of eco-tourism.

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