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A wonderful stay in the heart of Dalmatia

In the very center of Europe, in its southern part, there is the village of Pirovac – this is a stunning coastal village in the heart of Dalmatia (Croatia), which, despite its size, is very popular and in demand for travelers from all over the world.

Its charming streets, beautiful beaches and hospitable locals – all this makes Pirovach so special. Its simplicity provides an ideal place for those who are looking for modest and cozy rooms, an excellent family atmosphere and wonderful local cuisine make it a great vacation spot for families on a trip. This small town organizes many different festivals and concerts. In the summer, to make sure that this is so, it is worth taking a walk along the streets of the evening and night village along the main harbor and city square. Pirovach is also pleasant with a charismatic appointment, which makes you feel at a time when luxury shopping centers and various casinos did not exist. Probably every person on Earth would like to visit that time at least once.

Overcoming cycling and walking paths from the village of Pirovach to a recreation park near Lake Vrana provides excellent relaxation and the opportunity to take a large number of beautiful and unique photos. You will learn a lot about the vegetation of this part of the Mediterranean, and you will also have the opportunity to compare Lake Vrana with the Adriatic Sea, isn’t that wonderful?

Lolic Beach is another attraction of this resort. Tourists like to spend their time here, because it is located in a small bay on the coast of the town of Pirovach, you can engage in water sports here. A bizarre and unusual cafe and bistro are ideal for those who are looking for some shade and relaxation after swimming and languishing in the warm water of Dalmatia. An interesting fact about the water in this part of the Adriatic Sea is that due to the specific flows of the water, the sea temperature is 4 degrees warmer than the average along the coast of this resort.

Locals advise visiting a place called Makirina Bay, which is located on the south side of the bay, this place for relaxation is known for its healing mud.

This romantic place makes even more interesting the diverse historical architecture – here you can see the old walls of the city, large stone doors, the arches of Pirovach and numerous ancient churches. The people of the village are engaged in growing grapes, many olive gardens, fig trees and much more. Freshly caught fish, home-made smoked meats and ham with a glass of local wine do not make ideal conditions for relaxation in this paradise place, does it not allow you to enjoy all this during a visit to the wonderful town called Pirovach.

Locals advise to try a simple, but very tasty local dessert called fritulas (fried balls of dough, sprinkled with powdered sugar). Of course, on your list, when visiting this beautiful place, this dish should be on one of the first places of local cuisine.

Pirovac is located between three stunning parks: Krka National Park, Kornati National Park and Paklenice National Park. An incredibly large number of unforgettable events, such as “Donkey Racing”, “Night Fishing”, recreation parks, “Madagascar Tour”, wonderful landscapes – all this will add you positive emotions and enjoyment of relaxation.

One thing can be said with absolute certainty – good food, excellent beaches and friendly hosts are waiting for you for an unforgettable vacation away from the stresses, splendor and glamor of city life.

Today, Dalmatia is one of the main resort areas of Croatia. It has a mild climate, 285 sunny days a year, and seawater, thanks to its exceptional purity and high content of iodine, salts and other elements, has healing properties. In this part of the country, two of the seven national parks of Croatia are located – Kornati and Krka, as well as the Biokovo Natural Park. Another important plus – in Central Dalmatia, the best strip of beaches in mainland Croatia: small pebbles and pines, close to the water.

The main resorts:

Sibenik region
Vodice, Sibenik, Primosten
Split Region
Trogir, Split, Podgora, islands of Brac and Hvar
Makarska Riviera
Brela, Baska Voda, Makarska and Tucepi

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