Resorts of Cambodia
Until the middle of the last century, Cambodia was a French colony. The legacy from those times was the resorts of the French elite and villas in the south of…

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Holidays with children in Spain - rural tourism in Asturias
Traveling with children abroad is often perceived as a risky and very expensive adventure! Parents eagerly stare at the growing child, fantasizing about foreign tours and exotic trips that they…

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Colombian pearl of the Caribbean
From the very beginning of the development of tourist activities, Cartagena was considered the most popular and popular resort in Colombia. For a sufficiently long period, foreign tourists could not…

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Spain is located in southwestern Europe and occupies about 85% of the Iberian Peninsula. Spain also owns the Balearic and Pitius islands in the Mediterranean Sea, the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean. Spain borders France, Portugal, Andorra, the English colony of Gibraltar, Morocco: (Ceuta) – the country in the southeast is washed by the Mediterranean Sea, in the west – water of the atlantic ocean. Spain is located at the crossroads of important sea and air routes connecting Europe with the African and American continents. Spain also has a strategic position along the Strait of Gibraltar.

Spain has a Mediterranean climate. The average January temperatures are from 4-5 ° C on the Meset plateau to 12 ° C in the south, July from 23 to 29 ° C, respectively. Precipitation 300-500 mm, in the mountains of St. 1000 mm per year (mainly in winter).

The Canary Archipelago is also Spain, and on the island of Tenerife you can swim all year round. The average air temperature is + 22-24 ° C, and even in August there is no sweltering heat. (On the islands of Spain, the weather is favorable for tourism almost all year round, the temperature varies from +15 to +25 oC.)

WEATHER. Spain is a warm and sunny country. The average annual temperature in Spain is +20 oC. The climate is mild, which provides tourists with easy acclimatization and a comfortable stay in the country.

Weather in Spain varies by region. In winter, in the northern part of Spain (Santander, San Sebastian) the temperature often drops below zero, and in the south of the country (Seville, Malaga) the weather is warm and quite sunny.

In the north-west in winter the weather in Spain is humid, fogs and rains are frequent.

In the central part of Spain (Madrid, Toledo) winters are frosty, strong winds blow.

In the east of Spain (Barcelona, ​​Valencia), the weather is warmest and driest.

Summer. In the central part and on the southern coast of Spain, the weather is hot and very sunny, with an average temperature of about + 40 oC.

On the northern coast of Spain, the weather is comfortable, the temperature rises to +25 oC.

In the north-west, the weather in Spain in the summer is very humid and quite hot, and in the central part the climate is arid. Weather in Spain in spring and autumn is favorable in various regions of the country. Moderate rainfall and low winds combined with warm sunshine are excellent conditions for a beach holiday or excursions.

Spain is a sunny country in which excellent conditions are created for a good rest! Entertainment in Spain will delight tourists with its diversity. A variety of attractions, water parks, zoos and aquariums. Numerous restaurants and cafes.

Gorgeous sandy beaches with various types of water activities, interesting excursions and sea cruises.

Fans of shopping will be pleased with the abundance of various shops, boutiques, shopping centers, markets in which you can buy various goods.

Cultural entertainment in Spain will be appreciated by art lovers. Museums and theaters, exhibitions and art galleries, various shows, carnivals and holidays will not leave anyone indifferent. Fans of thrills can tickle their nerves by visiting such a vivid spectacle as a bullfight, and for those who want to have fun from the heart – night clubs, bars and discos are at their service. Theme parks and entertainment centers: a safari park, an aquarium in Barcelona, ​​the Spanish Village (a collection of architectural sights in miniature), Port Aventura amusement park, Aquapolis water park and many others that seem to be the best and funniest place on earth for vacationers. So, one of the traditional entertainments in Spain is bullfighting – bullfighting, which in everyday life is often called toros – “bulls”, but there is another name that perfectly conveys the indominability of the Spanish spirit la fiesta nacional – “national holiday”. Incredibly large groups of holidaymakers can be found at large-scale Spanish festivals – carnivals, fiestas, festivals; it became famous all over the world and, of course, among the Spaniards themselves, flamenco is a song and dance action that resembles a theatrical performance and with its variety of colors, liveliness and brightness conveys the energetic temperament of the Spanish nation .. You can get acquainted with the unique Spanish historical and cultural attractions: the Moorish Alambra Palace in Granada, the Madrid Monastery of El Escorial, the chivalric castles of the Costa Brava and the mountains of Andalusia.

Sagrada Familia

Park Guell. The magic fountain of Montjuic. Montserrat

Port Aventura. Casa Batlló. Mila’s house. Triumphal Arch. Gothic Quarter.

Palace of Catalan Music

Alhambra. Royal Palace in Madrid. Tibidabo

Picasso Museum. Prado. Park Labyrinth of Horta. Almuden Cathedral

Cathedral of the Holy Cross and St. Eulalia

City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia. Salamanca

Park of Maria Louise. University of Salamanca. Royal trail. Temple of the Sacred Heart

Theater Museum Dali

Royal Palace in Aranjuez

Seville Cathedral. Marbella Teide

National Palace.

Camp Nou Alcazar in Segovia. Cuenca

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