New Year in Finland
New Year in Finland New Year in Finland Finland is the birthplace of Santa Claus, so this is where New Year wishes are to be made. Winter holidays in this…

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Safari in Africa
A safari is an opportunity to watch wild animals in natural conditions. The word "safari" in Swahili means "travel, trip." Previously, “riding a safari” meant hunting, but hunting is now…

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Pilgrimage history
The going of believers to holy places for worship has been known since ancient times. The centers of pilgrimage in ancient times were the temples of Amun in Egyptian Thebes,…

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Madeira – an island in the waters of the Atlantic

Madeira is an island in the archipelago of the same name, in the northern Atlantic, about 1000 km from Portugal, 400 km north of the Canary Islands. This is an island with its interesting history, traditions that have been observed for more than one century, internal structure and indescribable beauty of nature. The island has a diverse climate. Here you have the opportunity to take a walk in the subtropics for one day, wander around picking mushrooms along the pine forest, climb the mountains and find yourself in the tundra, swim in the crystal clear mountain lake and spend time on the ocean.

Madeira is a favorite vacation spot of Europeans. For centuries, island residents have been hosting tourists. Tourism is Madeira’s main income. The infrastructure here is not developed at the modern level. Holidays in Madeira are preferred by older people, as it is a quiet and very cozy place. Here you will not be tired of noisy music, and after twenty-two in the evening, even in the capital, there is a lull.

But the guests are pleased with the location of the hotels. You can choose a hotel located on a rocky cliff or on the most beautiful mountain slopes. In any place, the view will delight you.

In Madeira, the main type of recreation is mountain walks. To do this, for five hundred years from the base of the island, local residents cut through water canals between the rocks, equipped several levades with a total length of 2500 kilometers. Taking walks along these paths, vacationers enjoy great pleasure. The island has amazingly clean air, which is important for residents of noisy cities. The silence and peace of the laurel forest attract its visitors. The magnificent and diverse nature of Madeira leaves no one indifferent. After all, the island is 70% natural landscape.

The capital of Madeira, Funchal, is a historic center with a Catholic cathedral founded in the sixteenth century, preserved forts that protected the island from pirate attacks, a very beautiful promenade and port, which cruise ships often call at. Walking along the old streets of Funchal is very interesting. There are many shops, restaurants, the market you can buy local vegetables, fruits and fish. In the evenings, you can listen to Portuguese romances, filled with the heart.

Madeira is beautiful every season. All year round flowers grow here, even in the tundra. If at other resorts the season ends for vacationers, in Madeira guests are welcome all year round. The climate is temperate and not hot. Water in the ocean is 18-19 degrees, there is a lot of sun, and most importantly there is not a large crowd of people. From November to March, Madeira welcomes lovers of walks through the fragrant eucalyptus and laurel forests. And what an amazingly beautiful sunset over the ocean! You can admire him, sitting in a restaurant and drinking the famous “Madeira”. The fantastic beauty of nature does not cease to delight the guests and residents of Madeira.

All tourists will also like the local cuisine. Here everything is simple, at home, you can even say in a rustic way. Of course, in the restaurant you can order the usual European food, but most vacationers prefer a rustic option. Shish kebab made from beef on laurel skewers is not comparable with any other meat dish. And what a huge selection of wines! For all this, it is worth a visit to Madeira.

As a resort Madeira has been known for about 200 years. Members of royal houses, famous writers and politicians prefer to relax here.

The tourist season on the island of Madeira lasts all year, the average air temperature in winter is + 20 ° С, in summer – + 25 ° С. Sea water is never colder than 18 degrees. Madeira has no sweltering heat.

The local climate tones and restores strength, even the air itself is healing. The nature of the island is also unique. There are large relict forests that covered Europe in the preglacial period. Now they are under the protection of UNESCO. Waterfalls, ancient irrigation canals (levada) laid along the slopes of the mountains, gigantic volcanic rocks extending into the ocean … Tropical fruits are grown on the coast that are not found anywhere else in the world.

In Madeira, outdoor enthusiasts will find opportunities for climbing, tennis, golf, windsurfing, diving, water skiing, mountain biking, horseback riding.

Madeira has more than 500 years of history. It is said that it was from here that Columbus went on his famous journey. Ancient cathedrals and fortresses adorn the capital of the island of Funchal, and museums store unique pieces of art.

Madeira is famous for lace, handmade embroidery, wicker furniture, ceramics and, of course, its famous wine – Madeira, the most famous fans of which were the Russian Empress Catherine the Great, Grigory Rasputin and Winston Churchill.

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