The top ten failures in my travels
Given community rules, all obscene words have been replaced. Instead of the word “failure”, one should take another, designed to give juiciness to the story. During my passionate 11-year-old active…

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Sri Lanka Tea Plantations
The name of each country causes us certain associations. At the word "Morocco", I immediately recall the sweet yellow-sided oranges, "Cuba" - fragrant cigars. And at the mention of "Ceylon"?…

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New Year in Finland
New Year in Finland New Year in Finland Finland is the birthplace of Santa Claus, so this is where New Year wishes are to be made. Winter holidays in this…

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Sentosa Island

Singapore is a country where everything is taken very seriously. Even, to such a seemingly frivolous thing as relaxation and entertainment. There is a place for everything. One thing for business, one for entertainment – Sentosa.

It is said that the word “Sentosa” translates as “island of calm.” If we consider calm a relaxed state of mind, then everything is true. But this will be accompanied by a mass of impressions, and powerful adrenaline rush. A visit to Sentosa Island may not be enough. To try all the pleasures, you need at least a week. But that is – that is. We will visit at least the most basic attractions.

First of all, how to get to this island? The journey begins even outside of Sentosa. Sea, air and land routes lead here. What to choose is up to you. The boat offers views of the sea bay, and from the cabin of the cableway you can see the same thing, but with the eyes of a soaring gull. Ground modes of transport also have their advantages. At the entrance to the island, you are greeted by the hotel’s fabulous towers, made in the medieval style, but in a modern design. However, the most interesting thing is waiting on the island.

In order not to get lost and plan your route, immediately take a map of the island. It is difficult to advise anything, everyone will have their own preferences. For starters, you can go past the casino to the Singaporean “dream factory”. Here is a branch of the famous Universal Studios.

In numerous film pavilions, some secrets of the film industry will be revealed. And to consolidate the effect of presence will allow the simulation of a tropical storm in a specially designed room. The howl of the wind and the spray of surging waves are real. It is pleasant after that to be in the fresh air and feel the solid support under your feet. It’s time to calm the adrenaline that was raging and visit the underwater world.

Returning from the movie studio to the casino, we pass to the bus terminal. From here free buses go around the island. Colored routes are drawn on the plan. Choose the desired bus and go to Underwater World. Here are the inhabitants of the deep sea and ocean from all over the world. In a separate room there is even an aquarium with Antarctic crustaceans, where the temperature is kept low. Colorful fish glide in flocks, and fancy seahorses merge with algae. There are no fences and harsh guards in the aquarium, everything is quite accessible, which is what the children use. They enthusiastically press their noses to the glass of the aquarium, and poke their fingers into the swimming creatures. After which, employees often have to wipe the viewing windows.

“Treadmill” captivates in a glass tunnel. There is already a different size of creatures. Huge slopes and sharks glide behind thick glasses. Bottom fish, frighteningly fluttering, raise clouds of sand. Around the bend is a holographic image of a white shark. You will not consider all the inhabitants of the deep sea at one time. There are more than 2,000 of them. So why not repeat the journey along the 83-meter “treadmill”. But you should not get involved too much, otherwise skip the performance in Dolphin Lagoon.

After Underwater World, the legs themselves lead to the beach of Sentosa Island. I would like to sit on the shore and look at the sea surface – a thin border that separates us from such a variety of creatures living in a completely different world. The coastline of Sentosa is not just sandy beaches, but whole plot compositions.

Suddenly you find yourself on a pirate island or near an ancient temple. Beaches for sports games are more modern in style. Numerous beaches and cafes, in their design, correspond to the names of the beaches.

Free trams run along the coast, connecting rides at different ends of the island.

Sentosa is organized on the principle of “having fun, learn.” In addition to the amusement rides, there are several museums and theme parks on the island. Flower lovers will enjoy the orchids that are gathered here from around the world. In the Butterfly and Insect Park, among the lush tropical trees and plants, thousands of species of butterflies flutter. Exotic insects represented about 3,000 species. Museums of coral and wax figures are of genuine interest in children and adults. So many amazing and unusual things have been collected on the territory of one island that it is almost impossible to see in one day. It’s the same as reading only the contents in an adventure book.

There are places where you can yourself be in the role of the Librarian or Indiana Jones. One Adventure Park (MegaZip Adventure Park) is worth it. Jump from a 15-meter platform on slings or high-speed flight along a taut rope. Each of the rides will provide a fair amount of adrenaline.

Surf lovers can ride an artificial wave at Wave House Sentosa, which is located near Siloso Beach.

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