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Safari in Africa

A safari is an opportunity to watch wild animals in natural conditions. The word “safari” in Swahili means “travel, trip.” Previously, “riding a safari” meant hunting, but hunting is now prohibited in Kenya, so safari today is a short trip (2-5 days) through the wild, through national parks, where you can fully enjoy the beauties of nature and see exotic animals .

In the homeland of a safari in Kenya, they usually take place like trips on SUVs or small buses in national parks. Since such trips last more than one day, tourists stop for the night in different lodges and campsites. In one day, you can make several trips on a safari. Some parks have terraces to watch the nightlife of animals. Only in the limited territories of nature reserves are tourists allowed to walk in special areas, accompanied by guides.

How to dress on safari
As safari participants come very close to animals, you need to choose calm colors for your clothes. The best option would be sand, light khaki, gray and olive tones. Solid colors are preferred without bright patterns. Animals can react to odors, so perfumes and cologne should not be used.
On safari, you will need comfortable shoes – sneakers, boots, a T-shirt, shorts with pockets. Do not forget sunscreen and sunglasses. In the evening and at night it is better to change into trousers or jeans and a light jacket with a long sleeve. And also use a mosquito repellent.

Safari, like hunting wild animals, originated in the nineteenth century. This term was coined by Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton, an English explorer, when high-class gentlemen enjoy hunting and killing animals in their natural habitat for that. Safari made it possible to prove his masculinity and hang a bag of hunting trophies on the wall in the library.

Currently, fortunately, there are not so many among us who consider hunting for amazing creatures of Africa as a sport, but we still like to experience the adventures of chasing and watching animals in the wild.

Most people just want to see the Big Five with their own eyes – an elephant, a rhino, a buffalo, a lion and a leopard. Why graceful giraffes, antelopes and cheetahs, the fastest creatures on earth, remain outside the scope of this revered group, remains a mystery, but, nevertheless, it is. In addition to mammals, Africa has a fantastic selection of vibrant birds, butterflies and insects, so Africa is never boring during a safari.

You can spend a safari in Uganda, which has almost recovered, recovering from the atrocities of Idi Amin, or take a chance to go to Zimbabwe, but the best safari in Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana and South Africa. In these countries there are many different game parks and reserves, each of which has a special character or distinctive feature. As a rule, different groups of animals live in them. For example, the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania is famous for its huge herds of wildebeests and zebras. Herds are constantly on the move, as soon as newborn calves begin to run, the herd immediately continues to move on. In Kenya, Tsavo East National Park is famous for the country’s largest elephant herds, while Masai Mara is home to all members of the Big Five, as well as most other species. In addition, this is the best place to observe the southward migration of zebras and wildebeests.

There are many types of safari for every taste and budget. You can travel on a small specially equipped mini-bus, which seats about eight people, in a jeep, on an elephant or horse, or even on foot (of course, accompanied by an armed guide).

You can stay overnight in luxurious cottages (which is preferable after a hot dusty safari) or in a campsite (almost the same luxurious), or in eco-friendly hotels on top of trees, or participate in the creation of a camp for a longer safari. You can also book a vacation on the beach and just spend half a day or night, or even two days in a local village.

Of course, the most important part of the safari is not the mode of transport or place of residence, but animals. The thrill of the chase, or the sight of a lioness with cubs not far away, or to see in the wild some kind of beast that many had previously seen only in photographs or, at best, behind bars in a zoo.

You will probably meet sociable elephants, as a rule, they can be found in large family groups, and if you are lucky, then with elephants in tow. You can see the black rhino, but it probably won’t see you – they have very poor eyesight, but a strong sense of smell.

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