Kuwait - Golden Emirate of the East
Kuwait is the capital of almost the same name in a very small country - Kuwait. There is only one large city here - it is Kuwait. It is based…

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History of Travel and Tourism
2000 years before Christ, in India and Mesopotamia Trade travels have existed since the beginning of civilization. At that time, the port of Lothal was an important center of trade…

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A state in Southeast Asia, in the south of the Indochina Peninsula, with the capital Phnom Penh. Area - 181 thousand km². The population is more than 15 million people;…

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USA. Amusement Park Six Flags Over Georgia

I am an adult, held man and therefore I can fall all day in an amusement park. I have a strange attitude towards roller-coaster parks: on the one hand, a clear lack of attention has remained from childhood. Those. Of course, I rode rides, but I didn’t have a classic park that would have huge slides and for the whole day without stopping. On the other hand, I am afraid of heights and I always started to get nauseous when I simply leafed through Six Flags or other similar parks. Well, now it’s time to realize children’s dreams and fight phobias.

Actually, I was not going to any parks. But it so happened that the beloved company decided to hold another corporate event in the amusement park, namely Six Flags Over Georgia. I had to leave the corporate party with my head held up proudly without a ride on any hill – it was on this day that I needed to finish a lot of work. No, not because I was scared, but really had to work. 🙂 But after a couple of weeks I came back to catch up.

I used to be at Universal Studio Park in the USA and at Disneyland Paris, but there the slides are no match for Six Flags. Interestingly, in these two parks, most of the slides are closed, i.e. pass in some kind of pipes, in SF absolutely all slides are open, nothing prevents you from viewing the landscape.

Since I had to drag around the park all day, I did not take the camera, all the photos were taken on an iPhone. Since I hadn’t been in such parks before, I had no idea if things were falling out of my pockets while skiing, so I tried to take only the most necessary things – a phone, rights (which I took as a security deposit for Flash Pass), a card and keys from the car.

I remember on the Internet a lot of complaints were that the sixth iPhone bends if you put it in your back pocket and sit on it. So, the phone ran all the way in my back pocket of my pants, and during the day it was subjected to significant overloads, crushed by the rollercooster seat on one side and my ass on the other. Test drive the phone went with a bang, all the machinations of enemies.

I hate standing in lines, and such amusement parks are a real curse. Standing an hour and a half to take a ride then three minutes (the real experience of French Disneyland) is not worth it. Therefore, I immediately poisoned for the Flash Pass. This is a device that allows you to book time on a specific hill, i.e. you don’t need to stand in line, but you just need to come at the appointed time. There are three options for FP – regular, gold and platinum. Normal does not accelerate travel time, gold reduces it by 50%, platinum – by 90% plus allows you to book two slides at the same time. I took a gold one, it cost $ 55 extra.

Although in general I was lucky and in the park that day was not very crowded. And most importantly, it’s not very hot. Because the summer in Atlanta is hell and hell. And in my campaign even the rain went once. But still there was terrible stuffiness, all people were wet as mice.

The food in the park is expensive and harmful. I try to eat right and while I found a salad with grilled chicken, I almost moved the skates from hunger. Another interesting feature – you buy a special glass for $ 15 and before the end of the season (!) You pour Coca-Cola drinks for free. All, of course, hang around with these glasses. Just expensive drinks, a bottle of water – 4.5 dollars. I recently discovered cool Coca-Cola drinks bottling machines – in one machine up to 100 different drinks, including any exotic.

And now I’ll walk along the hills. I rode all the rides, with the exception of the dumbest, which I left for the next run.

1. Goliath slide. I liked it the most; I went over it several times. In general, after several races, I decided that I need to ride only in the head cabin, it’s more interesting. This is the highest slide in the park (60 meters), the cabin has a speed of up to 112 km / h. There are no dead loops and other twists on the hill; it is very comfortable – you don’t shake at all and you don’t bang your head. 🙂 And the slide is very long and picturesque – it passes over the pond, over the road, it is very beautiful to ride.

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