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Boat trip: 5 islands where volcanoes smoke
Volcano Etna Boat trip on the volcanic islands. The starting point of the trip, we chose the city of Catania, which is located at the foot of Mount Etna. This…

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Peru is a distant South American country with a rich history, unique architecture and extraordinary natural diversity. She is the owner of one of the new seven wonders of the world – the mysterious city of Machu Picchu and is justly proud of the rich heritage of the Inca empire. This motley country full of contrasts attracts tourists not only with its rich archaeological heritage, but also with authentic colonial architecture, exquisite gastronomy, as well as unspoiled nature in the mountains and jungle. Located in the Andes, on the west coast of South America, the country borders in the northwest with Ecuador, in the north with Colombia, in the east with Brazil, in the southeast with Bolivia and Chile. In the west, its coastline is washed by the waters of the Pacific Ocean. Peru is considered one of the largest countries in South America in terms of area; in this indicator, it ranks third after Brazil and Argentina. Its area is very impressive and amounts to 1,285,216 km².

The climate in Peru is very diverse. On the coastal plain, the average temperature throughout the year remains at about +20 degrees, but the amount of precipitation is very small: less than 51 mm per year. Although the precipitation is insignificant, it often falls in the form of a very unpleasant tiniest drizzle called Garua. This phenomenon is especially characteristic of Lima, which greatly complicates the life of the capital. For visiting Lima and the central coastal areas, the best period is considered the time from December to March Sierra has a continental climate and the temperature varies from -7 degrees in winter to +21 degrees in summer. In this region, the rainy season is from October to April. The Montaka region is very hot and humid. The average annual rainfall reaches 3,810 mm. The rainy season lasts from November to April. On Altiplano (Huancayo, Cuzco), temperatures are pleasant throughout the year around noon. Morning and evening in the area are cold, especially in winter, which is considered the best season for traveling here – rains are rare, and mostly sunny weather. But on the shores of Lake Titicaca the wind often blows, and it happens that it charges a cold, shallow, dank rain. It should be noted that in Machu Picchu (the main ancient attraction of Peru) is always warmer than in Cuzco due to the fact that this place is located 1000 meters lower. True, it often rains there, as on the other eastern slopes of the Andes. At an altitude of 3000 meters above sea level, a period of acclimatization is required to avoid mountain sickness “shorter.”

In the Amazonian forests (Iquitos) it rains year-round. July and August are less rainy months than the rest. A little more sun, a little less humidity, a little less stuffiness. So the choice of the month to visit the Amazon does not really matter

Popular destinations for tourism are Lima. Cuzco Arequipa. Puno. Machu Picchu Iquitos. Nazki. Machu Picchu (Machu Picchu) – Ancient Ruins

Mount Wine Picchu (Machu Picchu) – Lookouts

Winawayna (Machu Picchu). Ancient ruins

Inca Trail (Machu Picchu). Hiking trails

Centro Historico De Cusco (Cusco) – Ancient Ruins

Fountain Park “Magic Water Cycle” (Lima)

Sacsayhuaman (Cuzco) – Ancient Ruins

Armas Square (Huacaipata) (Cuzco)

Sacred Valley of the Incas (Cusco Province) – Ancient Ruins

Salinas de Maras (Cuzco) – Geologic Formations

Cusco Cathedral (Cuzco)

Temple of the Sun (Coricancha) (Cuzco)

Museums – Miraflores (Lima) Larco Museum (Lima) Miraflores Boardwalk (Lima)

Piers and Boardwalks

Iglesia y Convento de San Francisco (Lima)

Ollantaytambo Temple (Ollantaytambo)

Ancient Ruins. Monastery of St. Catalina (Arequipa) .Colka Canyon (Arequipa)

Canyons – Pisak (Pisak)

(Huascaran National Park) – Water

Huascaran National Park (Huascaran National Park) and many others !!

Hiking in archaeological zones and ancient Native American cities. The most popular among them is, of course, Machu Picchu. In addition, tourists can enjoy extreme entertainment in Peru: rafting on the Amazon, and hiking in the jungle, and many other interesting activities. For lovers of a relaxing holiday, hiking in restaurants and sightseeing tours in major cities of the country are suitable.

Today, everyone knows that tasting national dishes is an integral part of any successful trip. After all, only having learned the gastronomy of the host country can you truly feel the spirit of this country and join its national cuisine. Peru – Gastronomic Mecca of South America! Gourmets travel to Peru to taste delicious dishes of Peruvian cuisine at very affordable prices. Lightness, freshness, pungency and natural taste – these are just some of the general characteristics of Peruvian cuisine. Of fish dishes, it is also interesting to try sudado – a kind of spicy fish soup with onions and rumble.

The most typical and popular national dish of Peru is ceviche – a mixture of fresh fish, drenched in lime juice with hot chili peppers and rumble and red onion feathers.

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