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Colombian pearl of the Caribbean

From the very beginning of the development of tourist activities, Cartagena was considered the most popular and popular resort in Colombia. For a sufficiently long period, foreign tourists could not get to not only Cartagena, but also to Colombia as a whole. This situation was explained by a very unstable political situation and civil war. Currently, the situation in the country has stabilized a bit, which allowed foreigners to visit this amazing country and enjoy all its charms and beauties.

The most popular in Colombia is a beach holiday, visiting architectural and historical sights, as well as a trip to the Andes. On the Caribbean coast of the country there are several resort cities, one of which will be considered in this article in more detail. This is Cartagena.

Caribbean Charm of Cartagena
Back in the days of “pirates and corsairs,” Cartagena was a noble city, constantly attacked from the sea. That is why the Spaniards erected a massive fortified wall around the old part of the city, which is currently one of the most interesting sights of Cartagena. In the city itself there are several fortifications. Of great interest to foreigners is the Citadel of St. Philip – a fortress with which the Spaniards, in the Middle Ages, defended their ships loaded with gold.

Colonial architecture of Cartagena
After visiting the castle buildings, you can continue the “pirate” adventure and go to the beautifully preserved Palace of the Inquisition. Here you can personally verify the ingenuity of medieval executioners – a huge number of the most various devices for torture are located in this place. A walk through the streets of the Old Town, which, by the way, is part of the UNESCO cultural heritage, can be considered a wonderful vacation.

From Cartagena you can go by boat to the island of Rosario, which is famous for its pristine beaches and unique hammocks. In general, wherever a tourist is resting here – whether on land or at sea – he will definitely receive a portion of the most excellent and unforgettable impressions of the trip. Evidence of this can be at least the pleasure of volcanic mud baths, which absolutely anyone can take. To do this, head to the Totumo volcano. The Bokachika fishing village, which can be reached by bus from Cartagena, will not leave anyone indifferent.

Travel Tips
Today, rest in Cartagena is relatively safe. In the old part of the city, round-the-clock police patrols are organized, which are on guard of order. December is considered to be the holiday season in Colombia, however, it is worth noting that even in this “peak” of rest, the beaches and hotels of Cartagena are not crowded, and if you wish, you can choose a good hotel room at an affordable price.

It is best to get to Cartagena by plane through the capital of Colombia – Bogotá, from which regular flights to Cartagena are made.

As for the local Colombian cuisine, when you visit here, you should definitely try fish with coconut rice. Do not forget about the local tropical fruits, which can sometimes be purchased directly on the city streets. An exotic vacation includes a trip to the emerald deposits, which Colombian lands are very rich in. Whatever tourist wants to find this gem on its own and grab it with him as a souvenir.

Warm azure waters, amazing nature, wide sandy beaches, vast coastal coral reefs, incredibly rich marine life – all this makes the archipelago the most popular resort area of ​​Colombia.

Tourism today is the main source of income for the islanders. Wonderful beaches with sparkling coral snow-white sand are not very crowded, and for lovers of complete solitude there are small islands scattered in abundance around San Andres, where you can porbinson in completely safe and comfortable conditions.

Nothing could be better when relaxing beach vacations and swimming in warm sea water alternate with various active activities. Transparent clear waters, fabulous coral reefs and rich underwater life are a true paradise for diving enthusiasts. The coral island, combining the most diverse ecosystems of reefs, geysers and sandy islands, is simply created for diving! Therefore, the neighborhood of San Andres, in recent years, is actively mastered by divers from around the world. The coral island is surrounded by densely populated coral reefs, underwater cliffs and grottoes, but the western, northern and southern coasts and coastal waters of small islands are considered the best places for diving. During the dives you can see amazing coral formations, vibrant tropical fish, barracudas, flocks of dolphins and even sharks.

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