New Year in Finland
New Year in Finland New Year in Finland Finland is the birthplace of Santa Claus, so this is where New Year wishes are to be made. Winter holidays in this…

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New Year in Finland

New Year in Finland
New Year in Finland Finland is the birthplace of Santa Claus, so this is where New Year wishes are to be made. Winter holidays in this Scandinavian country will give an unforgettable experience of visiting the village of the main Christmas character, unique northern nature and active winter holidays.

New Year in Rovaniemi
Rovaniemi is the capital of Lapland. The city is located on the Arctic Circle and is the official residence of Santa Claus. Here, in Rovaniemi, miracles happen annually: adults meet with childhood, and children are immersed in a fairy tale …

In the village of Santa Claus, which is located 8 km from the city, in addition to the office of Santa, there is the General Post Office, from where you can send a letter or postcard with a special collectible stamp; several souvenir shops and restaurants.

In the immediate vicinity of Santa Village, you can visit a deer farm and ride reindeer sleds. Near the Santa Claus Village is Santa Park – a theme Christmas entertainment park with an area of ​​10,000 sq.m. This park opens only during Christmas.

The park, located in the rock, runs an elf school; You can ride on various attractions and Christmas carousels; visit the ice bar and admire the Northern Lights, a demonstration of which takes place 24 hours a day on a huge panoramic screen; and also learn how to bake Christmas cookies and prepare Christmas gifts in special workshops.

New Year in cottages in Katinkulta
Holiday Club Katinkulta cottages are well located around the Vuokatti resort, which offers a full range of services.

The level of Katinkulta cottages is evidenced by the fact that, despite the dense and ecological development, everyone who comes here will have at their disposal their own spacious house and peace.

Currently Katinkulta consists of five cottage plots, new ones are constantly being built for them.

Hiekkaniemi sectional cottages for large companies or families are located on a sandy spit, at the very end of it. Most of the cottages have a magnificent view of the lake from the living room and from the terrace. To Katinkulta – 35 km from Kayaani, 600 km from Helsinki

Ski resort Vuokatti
Vuokatti is the most popular resort in Northern Finland. Convenient location (40 km from Kajaani airport and 35 km from Kajaani railway station), compactness, well-developed resort infrastructure, a wide selection of accommodation, a ski center, well-prepared ski slopes and a wide range of entertainment – all this attracts tourists from different countries.

An excellent snow tunnel for snowboarders has made this resort the main venue for freestyle competitions.

In Vuokatti, 13 tracks of various categories of complexity are equipped, 9 tracks are lit. In terms of difficulty, there are seven blue tracks, five red and one black. The maximum height difference is 170 m. The longest slope is 1100 m. For fans of snowboarding, there is a “half-pipe” – a trigger chute equipped with a lift (its length is 100 m, its width is 20 m), as well as all kinds of ramps and rails.

The resort also has 150 km of equipped cross-country skiing tracks, of which 120 km are suitable for skating, 37 km are illuminated.

Sappe Ski Resort
Sappee resort is located 150 km from Helsinki, 70 km from Lahti and 270 km from the border.

Maximum height difference-120m
Number of slopes-11
The maximum length of the route is 850m
Lighted Slopes-11
Slopes with snow system-11
Street / Snowboard Park
Halfpipe, quarterpipe
Corners-have Rails
Boarder Cross – track
Children’s slopes-3
Ski school
Total restaurants-4
Sappee is one of Finland’s top ten ski centers and is number one in southern Finland.

All 10 slopes have an artificial snow system, which guarantees skiing in the winter season, which lasts from early December to late March inclusive. The resort is especially popular with snowboarders, as it has a magnificent snow park.

The center of the resort is considered the club “TOP” with two restaurants and bars; a dance floor and a stage where famous Finnish music artists perform in the winter season; rental service and sports shop.

All the cottages of the resort are located among the forest in the immediate vicinity of the ski lifts (50-200m) at the top of the hill next to the Verkhushka club. The nearest supermarket is 12 km in Luopiojnen. A bus stop is located next to the Verkhushka club.

Levi Ski Resort
Levi is Finland’s largest ski center. Among the hills of Western Lapland, in the bosom of pristine nature is a unique resort with a cozy compact center and excellent infrastructure.

Winter in Levi is not just about skiing. This is snowmobiling, ice skating, fun riding reindeer or dog sledding, fishing … in general, this is fun for the whole family!

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