Holidays with children in Spain - rural tourism in Asturias
Traveling with children abroad is often perceived as a risky and very expensive adventure! Parents eagerly stare at the growing child, fantasizing about foreign tours and exotic trips that they…

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Resorts of Cambodia
Until the middle of the last century, Cambodia was a French colony. The legacy from those times was the resorts of the French elite and villas in the south of…

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State in East Africa. It is a former colony of Great Britain, gained independence on December 12, 1963. Included in the Commonwealth of Nations. Today, the country is one of…

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Kuwait – Golden Emirate of the East

Kuwait is the capital of almost the same name in a very small country – Kuwait. There is only one large city here – it is Kuwait. It is based in the deepest harbor of the Persian Gulf. The city, however, like the whole country, is very rich, which was facilitated by the huge oil deposits in the country.

The very first information about the city formed here appeared only in the XVIII century. From the sixteenth century, this entire territory was ruled by the Ottoman Empire and was the heart of the small Sheikh of Kuwait. But in 1899, this area passed under the royal authority of Great Britain. Now Kuwait is a modern town with constant development of very beautiful, extended and heavily landscaped streets.

This city can currently be divided into three main zones:

Learning zone (schools, research institutes and other institutions, a university are built here);
Industrial zone (this is a western suburb called Shuweikh);
Wellness area (the entire coastal area on the way to the city of Al-Jahara).
In the very center of the capital city, the building of ministries, the National Assembly and various government departments, the residence of the emir, as well as diplomatic representatives of many countries, was founded. Huge villas, palaces of many members of the family of the once ruling dynasty, all the highest state dignitaries and large businessmen, business people of the whole world were built nearby.

At the same time, the shopping and business center of Kuwait is Fahd al-Salem Street. It is fully built up in multi-storey buildings of a modern type. These are banks, and hotels with different numbers of stars (from 3 to 5), and various government agencies.

Kuwait Only in Kuwait itself there are more than six hundred mosques that adorn the capital, which already attracts with its beauty. The so-called Great Mosque – a real masterpiece of local architecture – was built at the end of the last century. The dome of the traditional form has a height of about 43 meters and a diameter of 35 meters. This beauty rises above the hall of an ideal cubic form. The minaret itself rises above the ground by 72 meters. The walls are fully decorated with specific oriental ornaments, mosaics and small sayings from the main book – the Koran.

Likely, the main museum of not only Kuwait, but the entire state, is considered the local National Museum. Officially, it was opened around the second half of the 20th century. The museum consists of several departments:

Department of prehistoric, ancient culture;
The department of the period when the Sumerians and Babylonians lived, that is, all the exhibits date back to the fourth or first millennium BC;
The department of the times of Ancient Greece, very rich in objects of the times until about the 2nd century AD;
The department of the times of the origin of Islam and antiquity of Kuwait with the greatest diversity of the whole Middle Ages in this area.
In the central part of the capital of Kuwait, there is a huge eastern bazaar, very noisy, and, most importantly, absolutely everything can be found here. This is not just a place for sale, it is also a full-fledged area for work. Craft professionals create their products here: trays made of copper and other metals, coffee pots of various sizes, very beautiful lamps. But the most interesting thing in this bazaar is a few shops where a special, very rare pearl – “fish eye” is sold. He brought great fame to the country. It is easy to buy pendants, earrings, bracelets and rings in the market department with gold. And very close – large piles of real gold coins. It is not for nothing that Kuwait is called the “golden” emirate.

This is an Arab metropolis, where the mysterious exotic of the Middle East and the luxurious aesthetics of the West have merged. The capital of Kuwait, built on the shores of the Persian Gulf, is an amazing mixture of traditions and modernity. Take the Aegean Airlines plane to Kuwait, a place where they profess a love of a beautiful life, but do not forget about centuries-old traditions. Modern shopping centers, ultra-modern buildings, sparkling limousines and dazzling skyscrapers are all pieces of mosaics that make up the image of the cosmopolitan capital of the emirate, located on the northwest coast of the Persian Gulf. The objects of history and culture of the pre-oil era are stored in beautiful city museums. Bedouin fabrics, priceless treasures of Islamic art, beautiful Arabic manuscripts, prehistoric fossils and ancient Greek relics of the era of Alexander the Great – all this opens up to the viewer the unexpectedly rich cultural heritage of an exotic country in the middle of the desert. Along with the repositories of works of art, there are places dedicated to the Iraq invasion of 1990 and reminding visitors of one of the most troubling chapters in recent world history. The people of the emirate honor the memory of those who gave their lives during the Gulf War and look to the future with optimism and a desire to interact with the rest of the world.

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