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Belokurikha in winter

Those who consider summer to be a “hot” time for spa holidays are not familiar with the winter activities of Altai. Belokurikha in winter is famous for its picturesque countryside and even climate.

If you are interested in seeing the winter from an unexpected angle and giving yourself maximum pleasure, here is the action plan in “Russian Switzerland”.

If you relax with children
Belokurikha in winter: holidays with children

For a family holiday, calm, cozy places are suitable. In the resort area of ​​Belokurikha, several sanatoriums stand out in this part.

“Spring of Altai.” There are children’s rooms for children of any age, a baby-hall and a cartoon-hall, gyms and intellectual-developing programs, interest groups. In the evenings, interesting discos, shows of magicians or scientists are organized for children.

The resort offers a special menu, wellness programs and a lot of entertainment for younger guests. The child can be safely left with a professional educator or animators Rodnichk and Kapelka.

“Russia”. Recognized leader of spa holidays in Belokurikha. It is considered the best family health resort.

In this sanatorium, children have a really active rest. For the entertainment of small holidaymakers, there is an ice rink, slides and special ski slopes for beginners.

In the building of the sanatorium, children will also have something to do. There are playground towns, a dry pool, a labyrinth, cozy game rooms, and friendly tutors. Moreover, fascinating master classes, classes, and animation programs take place every day in the sanatorium.

“Altai – West”. Hospitable health resort with a club, karaoke and a children’s town. This sanatorium has a vast territory where children can frolic from the soul in the fresh air.

Meals, accommodation, excursions to the lakes and even trips along the foothills – in the Altai – West sanatorium, rest with children is thought out to the smallest detail.

And for lovers of family eco-recreation, a rural building of the sanatorium, Park-Hotel Altai-Green, has been opened.

Get well soon
Belokurikha in winter: recovery

Belokurikha is full of sanatoriums and health resorts that indulge in balneological procedures using thermal waters and mud from the salt lakes of Altai.

In addition, in Belokurikha apply hirud-, speleo-, herbal medicine and pantotherapy. Moreover, winter is a period when the healing frosty air stimulates the immune system and tempers the airways.

Skiing and snowboarding
Belokurikha in winter is an indispensable ride from the snow-capped mountains. Mountains Tserkovka and Yakovka attracts those who are not afraid of the winter cold. From December to March, the following people work for you: a snow cannon, snowcat, ski lift and chair lifts, tracks of various difficulty levels. In the resorts you can rent equipment or take a training course with an instructor.

We have compiled a list of resorts where you can go to Belokurikha in winter.

In the hotel “Forest Fairy Tale”. Not so long ago, a new ski resort opened here. The hotel is located 9 km from the sanatorium “Russia”, but the atmosphere here is different: unhurried, pacifying, saturated with the energy of the Altai Mountains. Nearby, on the shore of the taiga lake, for lovers of skiing there is a restaurant and cozy gazebos – you can warm up and restore strength in them.

“Belovodye.” The resort offers to spend time at the ski center “Yakovka”. Three tracks on the mountain of the same name retain their natural snow cover longer than others, so skiing here lasts until mid-April. The length of the slope is 350 m., And the elevation reaches 200 m.

The resort infrastructure is available to residents: lifts, cottages, bars and restaurants, a bathhouse and other fruits of civilization.

“Centrosoyuz”. Own ski resort complex Danilovka health resort guarantees an unforgettable experience of a winter holiday. Both experienced athletes and beginners, and even children will have something to do in Danilovka: the complex is divided into training areas and pistes for skiers with experience.

The infrastructure of the complex will not let vacationers get hungry and freeze: a cafe, a sauna and a comfortable hotel will give you rest after serious physical exertion.

Walking in the snowy expanses
Next to large sanatoriums in Belokurikha, ice rinks are poured and slides are set up decorated with wonderful ice figures. A few steps from any health resort are health paths. The route for therapeutic walking is a separate pleasure, because it goes through a snowy coniferous forest, along mountainous terrain.

Sanatoriums organize excursions to local attractions: for example, to Swan Lake, where wild birds fly in winter.

Belokurikha in winter: swan lake

Riding a cheesecake sleigh, horses and snowmobiles
Those who find skiing and snowboarding too extreme and boring walks choose other activities: a snowmobile, a quiet horse or a rubber donut. Want to try tubing and horseback riding? The following resorts will become your assistants.

Edelweiss and Aurora. In walking distance from the health resorts there is a ski complex, the slopes of which are suitable for lovers of extreme relaxation and for riding on an inflatable sleigh (tubing).

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