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Holidays with children in Spain – rural tourism in Asturias

Traveling with children abroad is often perceived as a risky and very expensive adventure!

Parents eagerly stare at the growing child, fantasizing about foreign tours and exotic trips that they will go on as a big friendly family after the baby reaches a certain age and allows them to fully relax.

Given the shortage of selfless grandparents who are ready to educate and entertain small family members, many couples have found a way out of this situation with the help of ecological tours in the countryside!

Consider the intricacies of a “rural” tour of Spain, using the example of a holiday in the popular Spanish region of Asturias (Asturias), located in the northern part of the Iberian Peninsula.

Rural tourism of Asturias is a popular type of European holiday, which is suitable for both parents with babies and families with children of all ages.

A traditional holiday resort in Spain is associated with the beautiful scenery of the Mediterranean Sea, animation, a swimming pool, a small area with a playground, as well as a standard room in which you live with children.

Unlike “beach” hotels, in which the kids feel as if in a cage, and your neighbors are crazy about their noise in the room, living in rural hotels in Asturias is a complete rest for both children and their parents!

The tourism industry of Asturias offers a wide selection of comfortable hotels and campsites designed for family holidays in nature.

Provincial hotels are designed with thicker partitions, providing good sound insulation, and spacious rooms of rural hotels in Asturias with an area of ​​at least 25 meters will provide comfortable accommodation for all family members.

The mild climate of Asturias does not require long acclimatization and is ideal even for babies who allow their young parents to have fun!

Fresh sea air calms the nervous system – your child sleeps most of the time in his stroller, older children frolic in the fenced green area, swim in the pool or run away from the ocean waves, while you quietly have dinner on the terrace, enjoying beautiful Asturian landscapes.

Holidays in Asturias are tired children and happy parents!
You can perfectly plan your day and stick to your own routine!

After breakfast in the morning, you can take a canoe trip, ride a quad bike, ride a horse or visit an Asturian farm with pets that will delight the little traveler.

Rest in the lap of nature takes a lot of energy, so do not be surprised if your baby suddenly turns from an hyperactive fidget into an obedient child who often asks for food and goes to bed on his own, and you finally have the opportunity to take a fragrant foamy bathtub and read an interesting book or spend a romantic evening in the arms of the second half.

Rural hotels of Asturias
“Rural” hotels of Asturias are comfortable hotels, designed both for group ecological tours in the province, and for individual relaxation of tourists seeking solitude.

Provincial hotels of Asturias are located near large settlements or are located in protected areas where vacationers feel like real hermits, lost in the lap of nature.

The choice of hotel depends on the wishes and needs of the tourist. You can choose a luxurious SPA complex with the exquisite service of a five-star hotel or stay in a cozy cottage with a swimming pool, sports fields and a special play area for children.

For romantics and creative natures old mansions and castles with a mysterious atmosphere of legends and fairy tales are recommended!

Rest in a rural hotel
A rural holiday is an unforgettable adventure, which you will recall with nostalgia and pleasure. The mode in a rural hotel often differs from the usual “city” hotels when you are attached to specific hours (lunch, breakfast, dinner) and often feel like a hostage to a strict regime.

For example, do you want to go on an excursion, but are afraid to skip lunch and stay hungry until dinner? In a rural hotel you can count on an individual approach to each guest!

You can easily arrange a “late” breakfast with the owner or ask for a plate of delicious roast for you, and calmly go on an interesting excursion, in the belief that you will receive a warm welcome and a hot meal.

The staff of “ecological” hotels respects the guests and takes care of their comfort, so do not be surprised at the careful attention to your problems from the owner of the hotel!

Rural hotels embody the image and reputation of its owner, who seeks to acquire regular “customers” while maintaining a high status in the eyes of colleagues and neighbors.

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